Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lord Ganesha Again

This is another nice presentation of Ganesha I have seen the other day on a Wedding Card. The artist has nicely combined a flower and Ganesha. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spelling Bee - An Email

Funny email that I received today.

The Rainbow

Half of the sky was cloudless and the other half with clouds. And the sun was shining hard on the cloudless side of the sky. The sun will set in an hour or so. And it started raining. A brief heavy shower. There were people running for cover. A cursory look will make you feel they were running for cover from the harsh light of the sun. But it was raining. Everything was perfect. Perfect for a Rainbow. I happened to be in the cafeteria of our office which gives me a good view of the place where there is a possibility of a Rainbow. And I eagerly waited. And it appeared like a god's blessing. I captured it on my bulli camera on my mobile. Check the image out.....
BTW...Do you know that no two people can see the same Rainbow? It is a very personal experience. what you see and what your friend sees are two different rainbows...

Spelling Bee

Its funny to see all the spelling mistakes at various places in the city when you go around. They are like everywhere.. on boards, hoardings, menus. I have been to a kerala restaurant some days back. There was a poster which lists the menu and this is what I saw. "Maten Biryani"

Lord Ganesha

Another Image of the Lord Ganesha. I would like look for some of the best images of Ganesha.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ganesha Wonder

I just happened to think that may be Ganesha is the most experimented god by lot of artists. It amazing to see the ways he has been depicted by these artists. The one you see here is an example. I guess Lord Ganesha holds a world record in the number of ways he has been portrayed.

BTW...Happy Ganesh Chaturdi to you all.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Hmmm... When was the last time you saw a portrait of Bharat Mata? I dont recall my last time. Infact, I have seen a portrait of Bharat Mata(Not on TV) for the first time in an empty train which I casually hopped into before I boarded my train to RJY. Check the image out. It was heartening to see that although the train was empty and Independence day is only after a day, the potrait is garlanded with fresh flowers. BTW, the train was parked in Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station. Looking at the board hung on the train, I figured that the train travels from Cant station to Kolar and vice versa.
And on the day of Independence, I dont even get a single wish nor did I wish anyone. On other days like Friendship Day, Valentine's Day and other festivals, I would be flooded with scores of SMSes and Emails. But none on this day. No emails. No SMSes wishing me a Happy Independence Day which makes me think...
Have we relegated this day to just another holiday? Are we taking our freedom for granted? Dont we remember anymore the price we have paid for this freedom?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A biscuit the cop offered...

'Your insurance has expired. 500 bucks as fine', the cop told me. I looked at my watch. It was three in the morning. I looked around, there is an ATM right across the road. I looked back at the cop. I don't see him carrying his receipt book. I tried to recollect how much I had in my wallet. A ten and a hundred rupees (The Germans say numbers like that..weird). Damn. I gave that I-dont-have-money look to the cop.

A prologue:
It was almost three AM in the morning. I said to one of my best friends..."My place is close by. I would just ride on...". "why do u want to go back now. Its too late.", he said. I was two pegs down. But, that was almost 4 hours back. I was far from being tipsy. I had good time with him talking about all the things that I wanted to. Got on my bike. My place is just a kilometer away. I can be at home in less than five minutes, I thought. I was half way and I see that the road is barricaded in such a way that I have to slow down and pass thru it. I did not notice the cops. They were lurking in a dark corner. The moment I was trying to pass thru' the barricade, they almost pounced on me. I stopped my bike by the side of the road. 'Can I have a look at your bike papers?', he said it in kannada, the local language. I always thought that I could follow the local language. But this time I completely missed it. He understood I was not from the state. He repeated the same to me in my language after he confirmed that I was a telugu. The other cop came up to me and took the papers from me and handed it over to him and promptly ran behind his new prey, a lorry.

The Epilogue:
My quandary, now , is .. should I pay him the fine or should I just grease his palms? Any other time, I would have paid the fine. But he does not look like he is interested in me paying the fine. If I pull out five hundred rupees, they would straight go to his pocket. My does-not-have-money look did not work out. I pulled out my wallet from my jeans pocket. I told him that I have a hundred and ten rupees. He asked me to keep the tenner with me. Disappointed, I did away with my hundred rupee note. I gathered all the papers and getting ready to leave. I turned back to have a look at the cop. He pulled out a biscuit packet. He smiled at me and offered me one. Sheepishly, I took one and rode along........

Saturday, July 12, 2008


The time I am spending on the World Wide Web has increased considerably in the last two months.
Google's Web history says that I have performed 320 searches in the month of June. And I am not even half way in July and I have already performed 232 searches on Google.

GOOGLE is one of the best things that happened to humanity. You think its an overstatement. No. Its not. If you ask me to rate the inventions of humans that has made the greatest impact in the way the world worked, this would be the order I would take.
1. Fire
2. Wheel
3. Electricity
4. Internet
5. Google

May be I am missing some more. Pardon my ignorance. I still remember the day I used Google for the first time. Altavista used to be my favorite search engine. And then one day I read about Google in the newspaper. But I ignored it completely. I used it only after my friend insisted on trying it. No looking back after that. I never used Altavista or for that matter any other search engine after that. I have been an ardent fan of Google since then and Google never dissappointed me. And I liked the way they worked. No promotion of their products. They count only on word of mouth. I have used almost all of their products and they never cease to amaze me. Gmail, Gtalk, Picasa, Google Desktop, Google docs, Google Sketchup, Google Analytics and all other products that they got by acquiring other companies, they are simply amazing. And they believe in making all of these products available to you for free. Its like I wait for them to launch a product so that I can flaunt it to my friends as if its my own. Started liking to be called GMan by my friends ;-).
Now, the latest one that's added in their armour is . Google likes to call it 'Hangout and 3D chat'. Its one of their 20% percent projects, they say. I expected it to be very slow just like, atleast with Indian Internet Speed Standards. But it was other way around. Its a fun way of chatting with total strangers and your friends. Waiting for Google to somehow figure out a way to integrate this with Gmail or Chat. That would change the schematics of WWW again.

check out Google's Latest experiments at this link

Happy Googling.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Visible Body

I came across this wonderful website called They have great 3D animation of human body's anatomy. This is what the site says about itself
"The Visible Body consists of highly detailed, anatomically accurate, 3D models of all human body systems. The models were developed by a highly trained team with decades of experience in medical illustration and biomedical visualization. All anatomical content has been reviewed for accuracy by our panel of experts, including physicians and anatomists. The beta release includes content covered in an undergraduate-level Anatomy and Physiology course. Years of modeling and enhancement make it the most sophisticated and complete 3D model of the human body available."

I dunno about the accuracy level, but its a great utility to explore the human body part by part and system by system. And the best part is it is completely free for registered users.
The only setback is I see is it works only on Internet Explorer that kinda unfairly excludes people who are using other operating systems. And it takes a little time to load for you to completely explore.
Also check out this wonderful site which has lots of animation videos on human body and its functions -